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Can I Enter Japan During Corona Virus Pandemic ?


Updated: 11 January 2021

Summary of Entry to Japan during Covid

1 All foreign natonalities are prohibited to visit Japan as tourist (tourist visa not allowed)
2 Only people with special permisssion (exceptional circumstances) are allowed into entering Japan. Please consult with embassy in your country
3 There are reports of Japanese government plan to reopen its border to international tourist in spring April 2021, however currently there is no further details about this plan yet.
4 Currently Japan has tightened restrictions due to the new variant virus and is experiencing a major spike in covid cases in Japan.
5 People in Japan are still free to travel and explore around Japan even though cafes, bars and department stores are required to close sooner at night.

Current Requirements to Enter Japan

1 Special permission visa (Example: For Business Purpose). Please consult with your embassy
2 A negative Covid test within 72 hours of boarding flight to Japan. Only PCR test and CLEIA quantitative antigen test are approved.
3 You will probably be required to install an app for monitoring while you in Japan.

For more information, please see Japan government website below

We sincerely pray for that covid will be solved soon and we look forward serving you soon in Japan
Stay safe and healthy!

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